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Design and Development

In an ever-changing market, the capacity to innovate will be more and more important. From the beginning, our company invested in R&D field with the purpose to preserve our know-how and to progress our technological knowledge.

Our R&D department is not an autonomous sector separated from the rest of the company but, at the contrary, in order to be efficient and to work for engineering and production department, it follows their same direction and it interfaces in the study of technological solutions to be applied and in the prevention and resolution of any issues.

This allows us to obtain the maximum optimization of the resources we have at our disposal.


Oled technology will be the new frontier of automotive lighting.

Thanks to Oled features, new scenarios will open, mostly in lighting design. It will be possible to develop bolder and more innovative solutions thanks to their panel – shape, finding space for applications on turn signal, rear lamps and internal lighting.

Their strength is the possibility to obtain a more homogeneous distribution compared to Led with shapes and light tones different according to requirements.

Example of an R&D activity on a led street lighting device with animal-shaped design

When project takes shape

From the idea to industrialization. This is the strength of our company, the development of complete “Turnkey” projects. The company, which works on commissions, as a first step defines the project with the Customer according to preliminary indications.

Then, after a deep analysis of Regulations applied on the device, our internal designers completely develop the product, from prototype phase to homologation and qualification.

Innovation and patents

The patent is a title that confers to the inventor and/or to applicant the right to prevent to third person the use of the invention of the patent. Besides being an important instrument of legal protection of research and commercial rights, the patent is a valuable source of technical, scientific, commercial information accessible to the public.


Patent nr. 0000263498 – Year: 2005

Thought to reduce transport and storage costs

The modular fruit and vegetable box is a concrete example of how our research team has developed a solution that can bring great advantages to this sector and it was patented as a model of utility.

The product is conceived in recyclable plastic material, injection molded and it stands out because it is composed by one only piece. The coupling between walls and base is made with a system of flexible straps of various lengths according to box dimensions.

The fixing of the walls between them takes place with snap engagement, which guarantee the closure and the solidity of the whole structure, with a male / female coupling. Both before the use and after, the box occupies a small place and can be disassembled and reassembled various times. The geometrical shape of its blisters is different according to the type of product there will be carried.


Production costs

Molded in series of one only piece

Transport costs

It occupies a smaller place compared to traditional systems

Storage costs

Very fast Assembly/disassembly