B.eng s.r.l. is a multi – disciplinal center in which some professional and qualified technicians and designers work, from initial phases in close contact with the Customer.

The engineering activities made are connected to traditional field of design (preliminary and definitive design process and productive feasibility) using technologies and qualitative standards required by the market.

The skills gained in design field, allow us to be operative in industrialization and optimization of the product because we can supply feasibility studies according to productive processes,

3D models and 2D drawings of a project, the definition of materials and alternative processes, the dimensioning of components according to stresses thanks to sophisticated software of analysis of finite elements.

During all the design process, B.eng s.r.l. has developed a co-design system, which allow the interaction of the various design aspects like CAE, FEM ect…

This integrated method has the advantage of reduce development timing and increase product final quality with the consequent reduction of production costs from Customer side.

CAD Design

Through variations

We can make various combinations of the same product, applying various levels of customization also on single pieces. This thing cannot be made during mass production.

CAD Design


This means the adaptation of an existing product on a new one. We are able to make aesthetical and structural modifications on an already existing product.

CAD Design


It consists on development and production of a new product, starting from zero and creating all the tools necessary to its realization.

Specialized in LED lighting. Why?

Nowadays the necessity to obtain a good 3D design is very important because it allows to include in one element a bigger quantity of information than in a 2D project.

It is an important tool for those who want to develop modern and competitive projects.

The 3D approach is incredibly beneficial because it allows focusing on the modeling of objects, on the results to reach and on overall characteristics, whereas to concentrate on a single particular.

The result obtained through a good 3D design will include files and information, which will keep the object always updated in every element and will allow to follow its evolution after every modification. Everything is automatically updated and every modification is immediately visible because it is reported on the project.

In this way it is possible to reduce design costs, operative mistakes, lacks of time for assistance requests and dead times in general.

Multicad systems to interface
in the best way

Cad engineering systems have no secrets for our technical office. Our role is to translate Customer needs in concrete projects. To use Multicad seats means to “speak” a great variety of languages: IGES, STEP, DWG, DXF and all 2D and 3D formats. In case of necessity we have also external partners who can collaborate with us and whit who we can exchange our ideas.

Tridimensional CAD allows to do the representation of an object in all its geometrical and physical features. The object acquires its own identity both physical and spatial, the software is able to interpret the position according to a reference point, the volume occupied, the barycenter position, the weight, the inertia main axis. So the drawn object owns all the information which can be detected from an existing physical object even if it still is in a virtual state.

This characteristic opens enormous possibilities in design, making possible to optimize vehicles before their realization. Then, thanks to the modern technology of rapid prototyping, the realization of the physical object in a plastic material, can be done in a few hours.

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