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We Develop & Produce lighting devices

for the Automotive industry


Experts in the lighting production for Automotive Industry

Our company specializes in the design and manufacturing of front and rear automotive lighting solutions, tailored to meet the specific preferences and style requirements of our clients.

We ensure the highest quality standards, even for small production runs, such as those for 1 to 500 cars.



Head Lamps

We possess the expertise to design and manufacture a diverse range of devices employing various cutting-edge technologies. Our specialization lies in the realm of LED solutions, encompassing reflectors, light guides, and blade technology.

Whether you require a production series or a singular aesthetic or functional sample for motor-shows, we guarantee superior quality and light intensity comparable to series-level standards.

Entrust us with your vision, and let our proficiency in developing these devices elevate your expectations to new heights.


Rear Lamps

We meticulously manage the end-to-end development and production processes for these devices, ensuring a seamless and autonomous workflow. Our technical proficiency extends to offering customers a diverse array of quality standards, finely calibrated to align with the specific budgetary targets for each project.

Leveraging advanced technologies, our team excels in delivering precision-engineered solutions, incorporating cutting-edge features

Services and Skills

Small series production
We can offer a great variety of solutions for small series production, guarantying a high degree of customization. (500 cars/year)
Full Engineering
B.eng s.r.l. is a multidisciplinary center where skilled and experienced technicians and designers work, since the initial phases, in close contact with the Customer.
Product development
From idea to industrialization. The strength of our company is the development of complete “Turnkey” projects.
Optical development
From feasibility studies to the design of optics for LED and traditional sources, efficiency theoric calculation, angular distribution.
Thermal studies
The purpose of thermal studies is to understand the answer and the performance of a structure.
Support for homologation
During development phase, we follow the reference regulations for each product and we support the Customer during homologation phase.
Hardware design
Our capabilities include planning of new products, prototype’s realization, product verification & validation, and product qualification guaranteeing the project compliance to sector laws.
Blades & Light Guides
Our company is specialized in design and manufacturing of customizable blade systems and light guide  solutions with expert optical engineering team.
Prototypes & Maquette
We can offer an elevated range of solution for the production of prototypes, ensuring a high degree of customization according to final Customer needs.

From the idea to the production

We following all processes

Why do our customer chose us?

Created in 2004 by Mr. Giovannino Bearzi after having worked in Automotive field for 30 years- Bearzi Engineering is a robust Company with a lot of experience,
We follow the Customer from feasibility studies until prototype realization.- We offer turnkey projects
We are always side by side with our Customer to Vehicle constructor in order to offer a best service.- Support and assistance at 360°
We design, optimize and simulate every kind of optical system. We are specialized in Led area.- We develop customized optical systems, according to style requirements
We developed and produced head and rear lamps of a lot of famous supercar and hypercar- Design and production of small series
The use of Catia and Lucid Shape allows us the complete integration with Customer data.- Qualified technicians and leading development software

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