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Design and Development

Our company, offers expert level personnel, including optical and mechanical designers. This diverse team works together to design, prototype, and fabricate superior optical components and assemblies.

The optic is made of all those components, which have to collect, divert and create the light in order to obtain an efficient lighting source.

Our development method

Realization of CAD 3D model on Customer surfaces

Rapidity, professionality and quality are our strength.

Application of material properties and surfaces

Our software allows a compete adaptability of materials.

Simulations with data analysis and comparison with rules

The study of regulations is very important in order to reach an excellent result.

Correction and optimization of model performances

Sensible reduction of costs with results that reflect reality.

Light Guides and Blades for your LED’s

Our company is specialized in design and manufacturing of customizable light guide solutions and blade systems with expert optical engineering team.

The light guides/blade systems are available only with customized designs that are optimized to specific customer requirements.

Our optical systems offers a new level of styling, efficiency and control for LED lighting, with a lot of advantages:

Lucid shape for optical simulations

The LucidShape product family provides a complete set of design, simulation and analysis tools for the development of automotive forward, rear and exterior lighting.

Backed by cutting-edge, proprietary algorithms to calculate optical surfaces optimized for automotive applications, LucidShape empowers designers to develop, verify, visualize and deliver high-quality designs while reducing product development time.

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