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Design and Development


Our capabilities include planning of new products, prototype s realization, product verification & validation, and product qualification guaranteeing the project compliance to the reference market laws.

Our team have worked extensively on automotive electronics solutions for lighting and have executed projects in segments like:

+ All automotive lighting equipment
+ (Head and Rear Lamps, Internal Lighting, Tail Lighting, Working Lights)
+ Hardware and firmware development
+ Integration with Car System to manage the lights functions

Electronic design and simulation

Hardware planning

Feasibility analysis and engineering support

DFMEA, FMEA, Stress Test

Firmware development

Prototyping and pre-series production

The importance of having an electronic department available inside the company.

Over the years we have invested in the creation of an internal department dedicated to the design and development of everything related to the electronic parts of the devices.

This has allowed us to acquire a high level of know-how in this sector, allowing us to better satisfy customer requests. We are able to manage any signal coming from the car, to manage error signals and to develop customized control units that manage the operation of the devices.


Customized PCB’s

We have the knowledge to be able to choose the most suitable materials, based on the simulations and thermal tests carried out on the prototypes.

We usually use FR4, Aluminum Boards, FLEX pcbs or hybrid systems. For us it is not a problem. The goal is to guarantee the full efficiency and durability of our devices, while maintaining a high technological content.


Welcome Lights

When requested by customers, we are also able to create and develop hardware platforms within the devices, capable of managing Welcome lighting sequences.

Specialized in LED lighting. Why?

Nowadays the necessity to obtain a good 3D design is very important because it allows to include in one element a bigger quantity of information than in a 2D project.

It is an important tool for those who want to develop modern and competitive projects.

The 3D approach is incredibly beneficial because it allows focusing on the modeling of objects, on the results to reach and on overall characteristics, whereas to concentrate on a single particular.

The result obtained through a good 3D design will include files and information, which will keep the object always updated in every element and will allow to follow its evolution after every modification. Everything is automatically updated and every modification is immediately visible because it is reported on the project.

In this way it is possible to reduce design costs, operative mistakes, lacks of time for assistance requests and dead times in general.

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